2018 TEAMS

How did the 2018 teams do? A total of $57,321 was raised by 124 swimmers, with their amazing families and sponsors. This provides funding for more than eight IJM rescue operations, which have potential to free and restore hundreds of people. Way to go, Freedom Swimmers!! We're so proud of all your hard work!

Big high fives for our top two fundraising teams, Hope Hurricane (with $7,282 raised) and Narwhals of Justice (with $6,883 raised). An outstanding effort on behalf of victims of slavery!

2018 Teams:

Wave 0 (Little Freedom Swimmers - 9:50)

Lane 1: Little Freedom Swimmers (ages 3-6)
Jivan B, Annalise B, Ava H, Eli J, Natalie M, Lily M, Ellie N, Lila P, London Y

Wave 1 (10:00 - 12:00)

Lane 1: Hope Hurricane
Hannah A, Kirana B, Asha B, Sarah B, Sisay B, Carter B, Emma G, Abram K, Katya M, Sulia M, Maibritt M
Lane 2: Classical Conversations Verona
Ty B, Jadon C, Talia C, Tarah D, Janice H, Lydia H, Evan K, Hannah M, Olivia R, Amber R, Isaac R, River Y
Lane 3: Tsunami
Madeleine B, Tatiana B, Zoe B, Anna G, Samantha H, Grace H, Lily M, Nola M, Clara W, Gwyneth W, Clarence W, Bailey W
Lane 4: Swim Hawks
Nate B, Tanner H, Brayden H, Addison L, Devin R, Madden S, Max S, Henry Z
Lane 5: Super Swimmers
Ben F, Matthew M, Elijah M, Judah M, Ezrah M, Trinnity W, Aram W
Lane 6: Classical Conversations West
Ruby C, Madi C, Raphael J, Mikhael J, Eva M, Jackson M, Emma N, Everett N, Emma S, Savana S, Laura S, Joe S
Lane 7: CC East Lifeguards
Henry J, Lyla J, Carter M, Jackson M, Daniel P, Emma P
Lane 8: Shark Fins (Metro Believers Church)
Teya C, Aniyah C, Tavian C, Braden H, Ethan P, Madalyn P, Kaden R

Wave 2 (12:10 - 2:10)

Lane 1: tbd
Lane 2: tbd
Lane 3: Verona FBLA
Sam G, Andy K, Kieran M, Matt P, Lauren P, Maja T, Stephen V, Payten W
Lane 4: Break the Chains
Elias A, Aman A, Taatjes B, Samuel B, Carson G, Gavin G, Mitchell H, Caleb J, Sam V
Lane 5: Narwhals of Justice (Middleton West Girls)
Caroline B, Anna G, Laina G, Taylor J, Addie J, Madalyn P, Lydia S, Gabi S, Abby T
Lane 6: Freedom Girls Against Slavery
Shelby E, Addison H, Lola J, Mallory P, Jillian P, Molly S, Lydia T
Lane 7: Be the Change
Teague B, Abe D, Gavin O, Cole S, Hudson S, Jackson V, Luke Z
Lane 8: tbd