2018 TEAMS

Register now using Eventbrite’s online registration page. You do not need to have a team in order to register, but if you have a team or want to stick with friends, there is a place to let us know that in the registration. We will try hard to honor all requests! Teams consist of 6-12 swimmers, whose swimming abilities need not be similar. Stronger swimmers will just take fewer breaks. Contact Us if you have a 3-6 year old that would like to swim one lap with an adult as a Little Freedom Swimmer. Looking for pledge sheets? Download pledge sheet here.

2018 Teams:

Wave 0 (Little Freedom Swimmers - 9:50)

Lane 1: Little Freedom Swimmers (ages 3-6)
Jivan B, Annalise B, Ava H, Eli J, Natalie M, Lila P

Wave 1 (10:00 - 12:00)

Lane 1: tbd
Lane 2: Hope Hurricanes
Hannah A, Kirana B, Asha B, Sarah B, Sisay B, Emma G, Abram K, Sulia M
Lane 3: Tsunami
Madeleine B, Anna G, Samantha H, Grace H, Lily M, Nola M, Gwyneth W, Clarence W, Bailey W
Lane 4: Shark Fins (Metro Believers and Blackhawk Church)
Teya C, Aniyah C, Tavian C, Braden H, Tanner H, Brayden H, Addison L, Madalyn P, Devin R, Kaden R, Madden S, Max S
Lane 5: Classical Conversations Verona
Ty B, Jadon C, Talia C, Tarah D, Janice H, Lydia H, Evan K, Hannah M, River Y
Lane 6: Classical Conversations West
Ruby C, Madi C, Raphael J, Mikhael J, Eva M, Jackson M, Emma N, Everett N, Emma S, Savana S, Laura S, Joe S
Lane 7: Madison Area CC East
Henry J, Lyla J, Carter M, Jackson M, Daniel P, Emma P
Lane 8: Super Swimmers
Matthew M, Elijah M, Judah M, Ezrah M, Trinnity W, Aram W

Wave 2 (12:10 - 2:10)

Lane 1: tbd
Lane 2: tbd
Lane 3: tbd
Lane 4: Chain Breakers (Middleton West Boys)
Samuel B
Lane 5: Narwhals of Justice (Middleton West Girls)
Caroline B, Taylor J, Addie J, Madalyn P, Lydia S, Gabi S, Abby T
Lane 6: Freedom Girls
Shelby E, Addison H, Lola J, Mallory P, Jillian P, Molly S, Lydia T
Lane 7: Be the Change
Gavin O, Cole S, Hudson S, Luke Z
Lane 8: tbd