2020 TEAMS

Teams are forming now for our March 14, 2020 event!

Register now on our Eventbrite registration page! You do not need to have a team in order to register, but if you have a team or want to stick with friends, we will do our best to keep you together! Teams consist of 6-12 youth swimmers (ages 6-18), whose swimming abilities need not be similar. Stronger swimmers might just take fewer breaks!

It's OK to register even if you're not sure yet which wave you want to swim in -- you can talk with your team and let us know by 2/29 (although certain waves may fill up before then!)

If you don't see your team listed, that just means your teammates have not registered yet. The registration form has a place for you to tell us who will be on your team, and we will set it up for you!

Please note: Wave 1's lanes are all taken, but teams may still shift between lanes and waves.

Wave 1

Lane 1: Abundant Life Christian School
Aman A, Christa A, Amber C, Michaela K, Brady K, Kyla R, Klara R
Lane 2: Nifty Narwhals
June B, Rose D, Olivia H, Henry J, Lyla J, Eli J, Chloe J, Dana  M, ClaraJean W
Lane 3: Rocket Fish
Helen M, Hannah M, Matthew M, Elijah M, Judah M, Ezrah M, Mandela T
Lane 4: Sailfish
Sisay B, Simeon B, Annalise B, Carter B, Ashlynn B, Lucas B, Claira B, Emma F
Lane 5: CC West
Ruby  C, Madison  C, Tarah D, Ryan D, Heidi D, Samantha H, Wyatt J, Navia J, Nayana  J, Naura J, Emma N
Lane 6: CC Verona
Jadon C, Talia C, Wyatt C, Owen C, Lydia H, Ava H, Hannah M, Lily M, Isabella P, River Y, London Y
Lane 7: CC East
Bella  G, Fred G, Noelle G, Sanae H, Thaddeus  H, Grant K, Grace K, Carter M, Wyatt P, Olivia R, Nora W, Clara W
Lane 8: Blackhawk Fitchburg
Clay C, Tirzah C, Tanner H, Brayden H, Mikhael J, Max S, Charlie S, Oliver S, Natalie S, Caleb W, Isaac  W

Wave 2

Lane 3: Schulz/Klaas
Jonan C, Madelyn  C, Taylor J, Lola J, Paige K, Landon K, Molly S, Gabriela  T, Anna T
Lane 4: Mcelrath/Roelli
Joseph  M, Lydia M, Clara M, Natalie M, Adeline R, Henry R, Olivia R, Judah R
Lane 5: Dolphins (Addison's Team)
Cali A, Aaron G, Zoe G, Misha K, Nia K, Addison L, Conner L, Harper S
Lane 6: Manta Rays of Light
Julian M, Evelyn P, Chloe P, Isaac R, Amber R, Jack R, Kellie R, Iris R

Wave 3

Lane 2: Saucee Shrimp (BHC Midd West Girls)
Caroline B, Sarah B, Lily  D, Caroline S, Lydia S
Lane 4: Spotts/Gruett
Rowan C, Adi J, Thea R, Gabi S
Lane 7: Buchs/Roling
Bryce B, Corban R
Lane 8: Wijaya/Bahls/Gennrich
Hannah A, Kirana B, Asha B, Daniel B, Lily G, Sophie G, Amaya G, Lyla G, Everett N, Ellie N, Jivan W