Over 40,000,000 people are held in slavery today in different forms, all of them heartbreaking. Many of the victims are children just like the kids in Freedom Swim. Victims might be enticed by an offer of a good job, but it turns out to be a trap. They might be sold and transported across borders. Their oppressors hide them from the world and force them to work in dangerous and humiliating jobs. If they try to escape they are usually beaten. The police in these communities are often bribed to let it continue, even though it is illegal. It is a terrible situation, and many of us in the West don’t even realize it is happening, let alone at this scale. IJM is doing much to rescue and restore victims, bring criminals to justice, and fix broken justice systems. Freedom Swim raises funds to help IJM bring healing and justice to the poor. Slavery is an awful thing. If we pull hard together, we can offer many slaves a chance to thrive in freedom! What do you say?

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