Freedom Swim ReMix (post-cancellation) Information

Updated 4/9/20

Our scheduled event day, March 14, happened to fall on the weekend when the coronavirus hit our state. Cancelling the official Freedom Swim was so sad for all of us, but here's the good news: Freedom Swim is still happening, just in a different way -- FS Remix! Our IJM donations continue to grow strong despite this setback. A few teams were able to swim before pools closed, but many of you didn't get a chance. So, even while we are under the Safer-at-Home order, can we show our friends and family, and IJM, that we care enough about ending slavery to do a fitness challenge on our own? Can we show our donors that we are not going to let coronavirus stop us? Yes we can!

If you want to join us, pick your own fitness challenge (see ideas below) to complete, and encourage your donors to give whatever they are able by May 15. Use the Freedom Swim 2020 ReMix Lap Count spreadsheet (please find link to the spreadsheet in your 3/12 FS email) to record your "laps", flat donations and per-lap pledges, and we will post them in our Event Results page to celebrate and announce totals after May 15. We will still award team prizes to the top fundraising teams, and better yet, we'll show that today's kids have some serious determination to help end slavery!! If we still meet our goal of $80,000 (including the $35,000 matching donation) we will try to organize a party to celebrate after the coronavirus threat is past.

FS ReMix Fitness Challenge Ideas:

Here are some answers to common questions:

Q: How should we determine what a "lap" is now?

A: Just choose a task/distance that you could repeat about as many times as your lap goal. Every Freedom Swimmer can set this individually.

Q: What about refunds and goodie bags?

A: We are still offering these 2 options:

Stay registered: You may pick up your t-shirts and goodie bags (pens, bracelet and ring, swim cap, coupons to local businesses, etc.) from the Blusts' house (text 608-217-2207) once restrictions are lifted, and allow your event fee to go toward event expenses. Any additional money will be given to IJM. OR...

Request a refund: You will receive your paid amount minus an Eventbrite fee of several dollars. If you request a refund, you will not receive a t-shirt, goodie bag, or team prizes.

Can we use your lap counting app to make it easier to count?

Yes! Just email us and we will send you the link to your team's specific lap counting page.

Q: What about team prizes?

A: We will award team prizes to the highest 3 fundraising teams after May 15. We will not base prizes on whether members do a fitness challenge (it is entirely optional) but rather on which teams have the most money in their IJM pages after May 15.

Q: What if we want to wait for pools to open so we can actually swim?

A: That is fine, too. But keep in mind that your donations will need to be in by May 15 to count toward team prizes. Regardless, donations received at any time are just as valuable to IJM!

Q: What about purchasing extra shirts and swim caps?

A: We have extra swim caps (free) and extra shirts ($3 each). They're cute and comfortable, so we hope they'll get snatched up! When you come for your goodie bags, you can check them out.

We will keep you posted with other answers to questions that come up in the next few weeks. Thank you all so much for supporting this event in so many ways. Slavery still exists, and your compassion and commitment to help have encouraged IJM staff enormously.


Ellen and the Freedom Swim team

Fundraising Info

Where can I find downloads for Kickoff handouts?

Here you go! We hope these are helpful in your fundraising.
Pledge Sheets to keep track of your pledges and donations
IJM/FS Cards to give to potential donors who want to think it over
IJM Fact Sheet to show to potential donors what IJM is about
Jon Good's presentation describing IJM's work, especially in Ghana (including video of Esther's story)
Ellen's Fundraising presentation from Kickoff
Pledge Info Card to turn in at Event Check-In

Who should I contact for help with my fundraising page?

Please email fundraising@ijm.org for help with the IJM/DonorDrive fundraising system.

How do I raise pledges?

Tell friends and family what you're up to! Use this pledge sheet to keep track of the people you've talked with. Some donors choose to give a flat amount before the event, while others like to motivate swimmers with per-lap pledges (e.g. $1 per lap for a particular swimmer.) Pledges can be given verbally, emailed, or sent from our Sponsor Swimmers page. Donations are given through our IJM campaign pages here and go directly to IJM, a non-profit organization, so donations are tax-deductible.

How do we turn in checks from donors?

Checks should be made out to International Justice Mission, marked with swimmer's name and "Freedom Swim" on the memo line, and sent directly to: IJM, PO Box 96961, Washington, DC 20090-6961.

What if I receive a check accidentally made out to Freedom Swim?

Please turn in any checks accidentally made out to Freedom Swim to our address at the very bottom of this page (do not send to IJM). Freedom Swim Inc is also a 501(c)(3) so the donation is still tax-deductible, and we will give additional funds to IJM.

What forms of donations will you accept?

Donations may be made by credit card (online) or check.

What should I do with cash given by donors?

If you receive cash from a donor, please keep the cash and write an equivalent check to IJM, or make an online donation for the amount.

Do we have a matching donation this year?

Yes! We are so excited that an anonymous Wisconsin donor has again offered to match our swimmers' first $35,000 raised! Please tell your donors their donations will be doubled!

Do I have to fundraise to be part of this event?

No. Fundraising is totally at the discretion of each swimmer/family. But we're fundraising to end slavery... we do hope you'll at least ask a few people!

What is the cut-off for donations?

UPDATED 4/9: Online donations and checks received before 5/15/20 at 9:00pm will be counted toward the prizes. Checks and online donations received from then until 5/30 will be part of the Freedom Swim campaign total but NOT counted toward team prizes.