Amazing job, Freedom Swimmers! A total of $57,321 was raised by 124 swimmers, with their amazing families and sponsors. This provides funding for more than eight IJM rescue operations, which have potential to free and restore hundreds of people. We're so proud of all your hard work! And big high fives for our top two fundraising teams, Hope Hurricane (with $7,282 raised) and Narwhals of Justice (with $6,883 raised). An outstanding effort on behalf of victims of slavery!

You guys swam so hard at the event Saturday. Way to go, giving your best efforts to bring awareness and hope, that modern-day slavery can and must be stopped! Can't wait to see the final totals!

Here's a great resource for face-to-face fundraising that one of our parents made: IJM/FS business cards to print and share! It's great to leave something with your friends and neighbors so they can check out the websites in their own time.

Did you miss the Freedom Swim 2018 Kickoff Party? That’s OK! The following links will take you to the videos, PowerPoint presentations, and resources which will help catch you up. Check them out and contact us with any questions!

Slideshow with highlights from 2016-2017 Freedom Swim events (mp4 video)
Susan's IJM presentation (PDF)
IJM: Fighting to End Slavery. For Good. (mp4 video)
Gideon's Rescue (mp4 video)
Ellen's Event Details and Fundraising Tips (PDF)
Pledge Sheet (PDF)
Instructions for IJM Fundraising Pages (PDF)
Special Thank You from Liz West, IJM Director of Strategy and Execution for Global Programs (mp4 video)
2017 IJM Fact Sheet: Print and share with your sponsors

Kickoff Party is this coming Sunday! We have 64 registered swimmers and 5 Little Freedom Swimmers signed up, and we're still hoping for 31 more, to reach 100! If you're coming to Kickoff, consider bringing a friend who might want to join your team. Swimmers, it's time to DO SOMETHING about ending slavery!

Thanks to our super generous corporate sponsors, we have enough funds to double our pool time and host 16 teams! We'll have two "Waves" -- one group will swim from 10-12, and a second group will swim 12:10-2:10.

We're scheduling presentations for February to get the word out. Contact us if you would like to either give a presentation or have someone come to your group!

The planning team is looking for event sponsors and doing lots of planning. Freedom Swim 2018 will be held April 7th at the Middleton High School Pool!