Help us reach our 2019 goal of $65,000*!
(*with a $35,000 anonymous matching donation, we hope to raise $100,000 altogether!)

$65,000 will fund ten IJM rescue operations, each freeing potentially dozens or hundreds of people. $100,000 will fund fifteen! There are two great ways to help us get there:

1) Donate to the general Freedom Swim campaign >
Visit our DonorDrive fundraising pages to give an online gift for all of Freedom Swim.

2) Sponsor Individual Swimmers > Want to support a swimmer you know? Pick A, or B:

A. Make an online donation using the Donate Now button. All gifts go to IJM and are tax-deductible.

B. Send a check, made out to International Justice Mission, to IJM, P.O. Box 96961, Washington, DC 20090-6961. Put your swimmer's name and "Freedom Swim" on the memo line.

Contact us to learn more!