Help Freedom Swim reach our 2020 goal of raising $80,000!
That’s enough to fund over 12 IJM rescue operations, freeing potentially hundreds of people. There are several ways to help us get there:

Great news!! An anonymous Wisconsin donor has again offered to match our swimmers' first $35,000! That means your donation will be doubled!

1) Sponsor Individual Swimmers > Want to support a swimmer you know? Pick A, B or C:
A. Make a per-lap pledge for your swimmer, using the button below to send your swimmer a message telling them your plans. Swimmers LOVE knowing that each lap they swim means more rescues! After the event, they will let you know how many laps they swam so you can make your donation! Swimmers average about 80 laps, depending on age and ability.
B. Make an online donation using the Donate Now button. All gifts go to IJM and are tax-deductible.

C. Send a check, made out to International Justice Mission, to IJM, P.O. Box 96961, Washington, DC 20090-6961. Put your swimmer's name and "Freedom Swim" on the memo line.

2) Whole Event Pledge > Want to fire up our swimmers? Offer a pledge-per-lap for the whole event! Last year’s lap total was around 16,000, so 1 cent per lap would have equaled $160. As the lap count goes up, the kids love hearing from the MC how their hard work is pushing the total higher! Gifts go to IJM and are tax-deductible.

3) Donate to the general Freedom Swim campaign >
Visit our DonorDrive fundraising pages to give an online gift for all of Freedom Swim.

Contact us to learn more!